Pinkfresh Studio Liquid Watercolor Blog Hop!


Hi everyone, I know it’s been awhile since I stopped in to share!  Instagram is my best friend these days with my hectic schedule; I can share a quick project or two in an instant. 

I’m here today because I got the chance to play with the new Liquid watercolors by PinkFresh Studio!  I would never pass up the chance to try some new paints.  I’m not normally the best stamper but I got my stamp on this time and created a few cards and a scrapbook page!   it’s hard to have the pretty stamps in your hands and not try them out.  And the cherry on top was I got to paint them in with the new Liquid Watercolors.


I created a few cards using the flower stamps and painted them in using the liquid watercolors.  The lavender watercolor card was made by first using a big paint brush to paint around the edges.  You really have to water the purple color down a bit to get that soft lavender color and add splatters if you like.  I used one of the big floral stamps to create the main floral for both cards.  One I painted in pretty evenly into a soft spring colored bouquet.

The other card was a cardstock page that I used lots of different paints and sprays on.  It was actually a piece I had in my stash for a while and didn’t know what I would use it for yet.  I painted this stamp in a more haphazard way to make it a little more unique.  With watercolors sometimes you can start with a dab and then add a little water and you get something fun and colorful.


I usually hand cut all of my pieces because it’s what I’ve always done but you can also use the die sets to cut your stamps out as well.  And then enjoy painting them in all sorts of ways.

I completed a scrapbook page as well and I wanted to show how you not only can use stamps as single images but you can also create larger details with them. 

For this page I used a pencil to make a light drawing around a page of cardstock.  Next I picked out stamps that I could use to make a little bit of a wreath with.  I painted in other flowers and details as well.  I love to see how certain stamps would look all bunched up together.  Sometimes the results are so surprising! You can add more details and other stamps to create totally new images.


It’s Giveaway Time!

That’s all for me today but I hope that you will hop on over to the other blog pages for more inspiration.

The PinkFresh Studio blog will be giving away one set of watercolors on their blog, Instagram and Facebook if you want to enter on each of those.

Each blog will be giving away a 25$ gift card as well so do make the rounds and leave a comment on each blog. You can see the list below for the next blog to visit!

All winners will be announced on the PinkFresh blog on Sunday, June 10