fresh ideas...


I figured it was time to make it over and share a few pages with everyone.  I can't really get into a groove with my blogging at all but I eventually make it over to share a few things.  Working a full-time job and just the coming and goings of the day leave very little time for photos and blogging.  It seems that this winter has been particularly gloomy so in the afternoons when I am able to take photos there is no light at all.  So every now and then I get a lot of work done and I am able to share.  

This page might just be my favorite in a long while since I was able to use lots of watercolor things on it and the colors were just so springy! 


For some reason circles are really inspiring me, perhaps it's pinterest or something I've seen lately. For some reason this one just came alive around a giant circle in the middle of the page. As I'm writing this I have another page just about finished that includes using a circle.  Most of my work is inspired by something which sparks a lot more after that until something makes me switch things up and try something else. 


I paint a lot in the middle of the night but one day I hope to be able to record and share more with everyone about my process.  

Thanks for stopping today!