Flowers always come after the rain...


This week has definitely been filled with every emotion with hurricane Irma making its way up Florida. I have to retreat to my paper and paints as much as possible. Sometimes watching too much news causes a lot of anxiety that can really mess with you sense of calm and balance. Most of the time for me maintaining that balance is something I strive for everyday. Everyday I'm thankful for just a little bit of simplicity and calm that creating brings for me. Everything turned out ok for me and my area with just a few downed trees and a few days without power.  My prayers go out to all that were effected during all these crazy storms we're having.  

For the most part this week I finished up a few projects and sketched as much as possible. There was a time when I wanted to dive further into illustration and then moved a little more into my watercolor practice and then acrylics. Sketching has been a constant in my life even when I'm not thinking about it.  I doodle on scrapbook pages, at work and whenever I feel like feeling that lightness of my pencil connect with paper. About a year ago I started a sketchbook with lots of little floral bouquet watercolor pieces and color swatches and kind of got out of that practice for some reason.  Since I'm sort of all over the place most times it made more sense recently to try to bring sketching and watercolor together. Some things I've learned with my practice this week. 

I love that oooh aww moment when I try something new and love it. 

I love playing around with the colors within my sketches. 

Iridescent medium is the best thing ever!

Gold and pink are the most gorgeous color!

I've started on another path of learning something new that I don't know how to do yet. 

I can paint for hours and not even notice!


I am trying to learn how to create a small set of watercolor printables perhaps after I dive into photoshop a bit more.  I'm taking notes on some things that people might like.  If there is anything new you would like to see in the scrapbooking world please let me know.  I feel like everything has been done but there is always room for more flowers and watercolored elements. They are my absolute favorite things to play with while scrapbooking.

 Take care guys...