FReedom in art


I’ve always gravitated to things that make me feel free.  Free from all the boxes and constraints of normalcy.   Freedom from the hows and whys.  I was the one asking why all the time, “can’t we do it this way”, “why do I have to put that with that”, why, why, why.  Why is there so much space between freedom and normality? 

And here comes art, this vast ocean of “whatever you want it to be”, and that is where I find my freedom.   And I love it when others find their freedom too! 


I find a lot of freedom in collage.   I love to have a big ole pile of whatever to create with.  It’s where I am most free from the order and coordination.

 And when I’m in a certain groove I never ask “what next”!

I’m sharing a few art pieces I created a few years back.  Lately I’ve been feeling that pull to create new pieces and reinvigorate my illustration skills.  I love al the gold a glitter splatters and this one was really fun to create!


I know some find freedom in running or swimming… whenever I feel like climbing out of the boxes the world tries to fit me in I just run to my first love!  I know there I can do whatever I like!