Watercolor florals...


I'm most definitely a fan of keeping lots of things in my stash and never throwing anything away unless I know without a doubt that I won't use it.  That's the same for watercolor water.  I find that the washes from an used cup of water can make the prettiest backgrounds.  I think I started with an old grey tone here and then worked in a little blues.  

Another thing in my stash is watercolor flowers, and lots of them!  I try to paint them different ways and use different brushes and techniques, and they always go in my stash for later!  


What I have as far as scrap booking tools is very limited so I try to use what I do have as much as possible!  For instance I have a few screens and they get used quite often.  I have an obsession with this floral one by Heidi swapp that I just adore!  I need more of them.  There are so many outcomes when you swipe a bit of paint over one of these amazing things!  My screen doesn't even stick anymore but I make it work!  


I've had quite a bit of craft projects to finish up on and hopefully this week I'll get them all added to the blog.  Creating is an everyday thing for me but a lot is done late at night when I'm not working or in tiny spurts in between daily activities.  

Be back soon...