In the Garden...

As the summer slowly winds down I find myself getting into a better groove and finishing up projects, starting new ones and feeling inspired.  Hunting for new colors is always a part of that inspired feeling.  The stores are changing out merchandise, cooler temps approaching and just basically newness all around is responsible for a renewed feeling I guess.  I've also been looking through older post and trying to keep that creative spurt alive.  I used to do so many color post around 3 years ago.  I'm not so sure why I ever stopped, just got out of the groove I guess.  

I wanted to stop in a add a few post of some new and old things. No matter the season I always have spring in my head so of course there are always flowers everywhere, from artwork to floral covered boxes.  


I always have so much fun playing around with backdrops and moods in my photography.  These photos came out sort of dark and moody, one thing I love about creating different backgrounds to take photos with. This one was painted in simple grey and black tones. I want to play around with other colors but I always fall back to this one for a moodier feel. 

Thanks for stopping in today!