inevitably everything changes...

In regards to most things, and when it comes to art that’s a good thing.  I’ve often gotten stuck thinking that my art had to be whatever I wanted it to be at that moment and not taking into account that it may change. After playing around and making all sorts of things over most of my adult life everything has changed… Always, often and it all sorts of ways.  It does take a little hindsight to see that I believe but as I followed a few artists it slowly started to click, you just have to make art.  Continue learning, continue new processes, continue doing what you want to become and slowly it begins to reveal itself to you, that thing, your thing!  I can’t say that I’ve found my thing but I’m starting to see it down the road.  Your view becomes clearer and clearer as you continue your processes.  But if you stop you start to have this blurred view of what you want your work to express.

It reveals itself in bits, tiny parcels and light bulb moments, all these moments lead, in some way, to other things. And those things lead to other things and so on…  Learning to just explore and let your brain absorb and process sometimes is the hard part of creating.  

I can say this now because I’ve had so many stops and starts over the last few years.  From making hand cut paper collages to mixed media, to watercolors and now acrylic painting I see that everything changes and there is no need to panic.  If you ride the wave, develop your talents and just keep going those changes evolve you as an artist whether you like it or not, and that’s a good thing!

I wanted to stop in a share of few images of a fun photo shoot I had recently.  I had to put my styling and photographer hat on to get some nice photos of my artwork.  Getting beautiful images of your work is a part of the process also!  As a developing artist it's always good to step back and view your work in other settings.