Happy hues...

I think I'm always dreaming about colors, how they fit, what's pleasing to the eyes...then I go about rambling through my stash searching for things that match the colors I'm thinking of at the moment. It't been awhile since I've done some fun color post and I think I might have to get bs k into it,  if not just to keep myself inspired!  I pulled this one from my archives and hope to create more soon.  

It's not new that navy and coral are quite lovely together but that didn't stop me from playing around and making some inspiring things. Navy is pretty much always a fun color to mix with! I've been using it quite a bit in some of my newer artwork.  My newest obsession is navy and lemon yellow!

One of my loves is collage so I was happy to make a little collage card using navy and a few coral colored papers.  I love the simplicity and the organic feel of the flowing watercolor. I could paint for days using watercolors. They have a funny way of surprising you!  I've been working with them for awhile and have only just now started figuring out how to manipulate them better.  I didn't use any glitter on this card just some very dark blues. Watercolor reminds me of clouds in that it goes where it wants and you follow only to be happy at what you see!

I think this set of colors is one of my top favorites, along with a little blush pink.  Wine might be a good color to put in the mix as well!  
Hopefully I can get around again to share some more lovely inspiration. 

I'm off to do a little varnishing and reworking of some paintings!  The afternoon weather we've been having is just perfect for a little tea and painting!