Glorious Nevada

Glorious Nevada… or should I say Arizona, since on my latest long weekend vacation I visited a little of both.  One of our first stops was a tour or the Hoover dam, formally known as the boulder Dam from 1933-1947 and since been renamed the Hoover Dam, lies between the states of Nevada and Arizona.  The surrounding area is quite impressive and the history behind the project equally so since it was constructed during the Great Depression.  It was truly a site to see!  We stopped along the way to visit the mighty construction and I’m glad we got to see it in the early morning light as it was so pretty to photograph with the mountains in the distance! 

For a long time I have wanted to visit this region of the United States and this area along with the Grand Canyon was at the top of my list.  Hopefully I’ll slowly make my way across to more areas in Arizona and Utah. 

And then there was the Grand Canyon! Always such a show off!  My son commented that it looked like a green screen.  The size of it is just jaw-dropping!  I would love to hike to the bottom and explore for a day or two!  

The West coast in springtime…was not much different from florida, although I did notice the low humidity in the air which I was completely not ready for.  We were in the desert however so I should have expected it!  The dry air hits you and you’re left reaching for a bottle of water or a wet towel to help you endure it.   I was born in a beach town full of flat land, humidity and trees… I can definitely say that I was out of my element and just a tad over my comfort zone out in these desert zones. The views that can be found are enough to make you forget all that for a short period and just enjoy to immensity of it all! 

The first thing I did when I arrived was make my way to this colorful installation.  I had seen it online and really wanted to see in real time so renting a car a driving out to see it was a top priority.  It was such a stunning display in the middle of nowhere!  The sky was showing off and the weather was actually perfect.

It was just awesome getting the chance to visit this side of the U.S for a change and I look forward to exploring more of this area!  Arizona is up next...  Sometimes you have to see for yourself just how beautiful this world is.

Take Care everyone!