In the garden...


Whenever I get around to blogging I just can't believe how much time has gone by!  All my intentions go out the window when work and constant day to day things get in the way.  But I do get my daily practice in however small of a time slot I have.  My watercolor practice has changed a bit and my acrylic floral abstracts have taken a back seat.  The challenge will always be that I have two loves,  watercolor and painting abstract florals.  

Until I feel that draw again I'll paint leaves and bouquets until I tire of them, when might be awhile.  Sketching is such a therapeutic process.  Sometimes I fill my kitchen table with a few paper pads and pull out all my watercolors, along with a coffee and music, and waste away the time in my own world!  

I wanted to share a current page I finished up this week!  It's quite a garden of fun florals!  Oh why can't I be nearer to peonies, and ranunculus, and wisteria... such wonderful flowers. I'm always a tad bit giddy over them in their lovely bunches!  This page is a ode to them!  

Happy Fall to everyone!