Give me simple things...

Give me simple things.  A plain box, white cardstock and a box of paints and I will try to make something of it.  Remix it somehow.  I find joy in these things, in things that don't seem to fit together when you first lay your eyes on them.  I find joy in things that are not quite the way they should be.  Colors that don't seem to mix, or an uncomfortable contrast in colors.  Color has always been interesting to me to explore. Mixing colors is a fun place I like to find myself doing often and I feel I haven't quite stretched myself enough.  Lately I've just been letting myself play and mix up my watercolors in new ways.

In my effort to bring fun and interesting content to my new place I’m sharing some fun gift boxes that will be available in my shop soon.  I wanted to create a space where I could separate my interest a bit, share fun random artsy post as well as new things I’ve been working on.  It’s all about the journey and mine is sort of all over the place but my new little spot might keep things in balance in some way.

I do hope you'll stop by my little spot from time to time!  

Thanks for stopping by!