Dreamy cards...


Hey everyone, it’s been awhile since I stopped in to share a little project! I’ve been creating here and there, doing more painting then scrapbooking. My son is 14 so he barely lets me take any photos. I have to dig a little deeper in that area and find other alternatives for photos now. I might get a few snaps of my nieces every now and then. But I still love playing with paper and creating fun things!

These are a few cards I made along with some others I’ll share later on. One of the things I love is creating little elements with watercolors. Here I mixed some things from the pinkfresh studio indigo hills collection along with a few painted elements. Some new papers, some older papers from the first indigo collection, and other stickers and chipboard. I

i know it’s not your typical fall color palette but I love to throw a little lavender in the mix!

Hope to share more soon…


New things...


Hey hey... I know it’s been awhile since I’ve made it over to my blog!  I post mostly on Instagram these days but I wanted to stop in and share what I’ve been up to. It’s time I started posting more watercolor and botanical inspiration.  It’s where my hearts is always and all ways.  I pretty much paint every day, examine botanicals on Pinterest and do color studies.  Yes I still do a little scrapping from time to time.  Just not as many photos to scrap with a teenage son.

I’ve been learning a lot more about branding and photography and trying to up my game a little bit.  I’m excited for the new direction I’m going in and will hopefully be posting more work and sharing more about my journey!

Take Care! 


Pinkfresh Studio Liquid Watercolor Blog Hop!


Hi everyone, I know it’s been awhile since I stopped in to share!  Instagram is my best friend these days with my hectic schedule; I can share a quick project or two in an instant. 

I’m here today because I got the chance to play with the new Liquid watercolors by PinkFresh Studio!  I would never pass up the chance to try some new paints.  I’m not normally the best stamper but I got my stamp on this time and created a few cards and a scrapbook page!   it’s hard to have the pretty stamps in your hands and not try them out.  And the cherry on top was I got to paint them in with the new Liquid Watercolors.


I created a few cards using the flower stamps and painted them in using the liquid watercolors.  The lavender watercolor card was made by first using a big paint brush to paint around the edges.  You really have to water the purple color down a bit to get that soft lavender color and add splatters if you like.  I used one of the big floral stamps to create the main floral for both cards.  One I painted in pretty evenly into a soft spring colored bouquet.

The other card was a cardstock page that I used lots of different paints and sprays on.  It was actually a piece I had in my stash for a while and didn’t know what I would use it for yet.  I painted this stamp in a more haphazard way to make it a little more unique.  With watercolors sometimes you can start with a dab and then add a little water and you get something fun and colorful.


I usually hand cut all of my pieces because it’s what I’ve always done but you can also use the die sets to cut your stamps out as well.  And then enjoy painting them in all sorts of ways.

I completed a scrapbook page as well and I wanted to show how you not only can use stamps as single images but you can also create larger details with them. 

For this page I used a pencil to make a light drawing around a page of cardstock.  Next I picked out stamps that I could use to make a little bit of a wreath with.  I painted in other flowers and details as well.  I love to see how certain stamps would look all bunched up together.  Sometimes the results are so surprising! You can add more details and other stamps to create totally new images.


It’s Giveaway Time!

That’s all for me today but I hope that you will hop on over to the other blog pages for more inspiration.

The PinkFresh Studio blog will be giving away one set of watercolors on their blog, Instagram and Facebook if you want to enter on each of those.

Each blog will be giving away a 25$ gift card as well so do make the rounds and leave a comment on each blog. You can see the list below for the next blog to visit!

All winners will be announced on the PinkFresh blog on Sunday, June 10


Fun with "Flourish"


I got a chance to play with some of the goodies from the new Maggie Holmes "Flourish" collection and what can I say, it is all about spring!  These cool vine alphas caught my eyes as well as the stickers and embroidery pics. I tend to use things from all sorts of collections but their were so many fun things to work with in this one.

My page started with a page from an older collection that I used a bit of gesso to paint over and create more white space. I sprayed a little color using my color shine sprays.  Just a little goes a long way!  Then stencils to create dimension.  You can almost never go wrong with this effect and it comes out very pretty most times with just a little drying time.  I can never get through my mixed media journal but I can work one scrap page and finish it very quickly. I prefer to start with a neutral paper and play around with paint a little to make something unique, light and airy.  


I painted a little watercolor Frame and leaves to be the focal point and then surrounded my frame with a few leaves and Maggie Holmes stickers. 


I just wanted to pop in a share a few more pics of the full layout.  It's always hard for me to get over here and post to my blog.  

Take Care...

fresh ideas...


I figured it was time to make it over and share a few pages with everyone.  I can't really get into a groove with my blogging at all but I eventually make it over to share a few things.  Working a full-time job and just the coming and goings of the day leave very little time for photos and blogging.  It seems that this winter has been particularly gloomy so in the afternoons when I am able to take photos there is no light at all.  So every now and then I get a lot of work done and I am able to share.  

This page might just be my favorite in a long while since I was able to use lots of watercolor things on it and the colors were just so springy! 


For some reason circles are really inspiring me, perhaps it's pinterest or something I've seen lately. For some reason this one just came alive around a giant circle in the middle of the page. As I'm writing this I have another page just about finished that includes using a circle.  Most of my work is inspired by something which sparks a lot more after that until something makes me switch things up and try something else. 


I paint a lot in the middle of the night but one day I hope to be able to record and share more with everyone about my process.  

Thanks for stopping today!


New discoveries...


There are so many moving parts to life and daily struggles and I find myself moving forwards and backwards all in the same day sometimes!  I haven't really shared too many photos or paper projects lately I think for one because I'm such a perfectionist and then also because of those daily backwards and forwards moments!  I had two post all ready to share a few weeks ago and then I just didn't because my photos were a little off light wise and I didn't think I could correct them.  Maybe they will end up on Pinterest or Facebook at some point.  And you know what comes next... kicking myself for not moving forward no matter what!  

 So no New Years resolutions here just admissions!  I'm a perfectionist and have single visions of outcomes and when things don't work out how I've planned I clam up!  This year is for figuring my way out around that because life is still passing by and I'm wasting time!  

So no New Years resolutions here just admissions!  I'm a perfectionist and have single visions of outcomes and when things don't work out how I've planned I clam up!  This year is for figuring my way out around that because life is still passing by and I'm wasting time!  

I just wanted to share a color post today and hopefully get the ball rolling for 2018! I'm trying to be all in... there's no moving forward until you decide to move, no matter how small!