a visual artist at heart...

A creative with a love of all things crafty,  I love to find beauty in the simplest of things, using the materials I have to create lovely journals, scrapart pages and abstract paintings while always Incorporating my love of nature throughout all that I do.  

My joy in creating allows me to explore, to its depths, my love of color, shape and form.  I relish in the forms created by shadows, the subtle nuances of color and contrast, and all the possibilities yet to be discovered.  

From a young age I have always explored any craft I could get my hands on.  I remember the moment, it all started with a swan drawing in daycare!  So simple but such a defining moment in my childhood.  My love of form and color, and doing things with my hands has never left my thoughts. 

Always playful, always lush and layered,  creating and getting to play with paper and paint is the most fun part of this magical journey. 


Artist Statement

Everyday takes on a new form and is shaped by each previous moment before it.  The same can be said of how the dynamics of the natural world evolves from one second to the next.  My art is a reflection of the many layers found within the lush optimism of nature.  It's spontaneity, constant rearrangement, and shadow plays upon itself in response to everything around it. 

Always entranced by shadows, my intent is to express the shape and forms of it's meditative dance through color and playful frames. Through subtle and bold washes of color I create a window into a single whimsical moment within that narrative.  Each expression begins as a single wash of color and is followed by more gestures that play upon the last. Each moment is a melody, a rhythm, even a brief idea that begins or ends the narrative of the natural world. 

Through my art I expect the viewer to travel to a particular moment where the flowers smile, the sun’s movements leave shadows that dance and hover,  revealing subtle sparks of stillness and truth.